How much is too much? Think .. simple.

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We often get caught up in the stuff that consumes our lives: bigger houses, better cars, more of this and even more of that!.. If I only had this, then my life would be so much better.  I know of one photographer, Jean Marie, who does so much with just her cell phone camera. Her joy comes from capturing what she sees and how she feelsImage

Can you do more with less? In a word, yes. Here are some ideas you may consider and explore. Look in your camera bag and pick just one fixed focal length lens and shoot with just that for a day. To start with try a 35mm or a 50mm. If you only have a zoom lens, then set that lens to one setting and don’t touch it for the rest of the day. Perhaps you might just go around your house with your cell phone camera and be FREE to create with no boundaries. This may sound a bit odd for those who think that having more gadgets is the means to becoming a better photographer. But what might you learn in the process of problem solving or improvising during a shoot? Really, more and better stuff sometimes will just add to the complexity, getting in the way of the ideal shot, as we frantically try to exchange a lens.

For me, having less of a burden to carry frees me up to let my mind go and just be. I don’t even like to wear shoes when I work.  I have such a great time shooting with my point and shoot camera, with no extra lenses or strobes. I enjoy the simple ways of capturing what I see and the freedom of creating, using just the light that I have and the simple device in my hand.

I invite you to spend some time with a limited amount of equipment and to just be with what you see and what you feel. Sometimes we do need better or added equipment to create the vision we have in mind. At other times, believing that we need more simply limits our capacity.FB_IMG_13489425267266804

What lens do you use the most? Why?

How do you value the technical aspects of the images you create? How do you value the emotions they evoke?

Can you give up, even for one day, the badge of honor that big DSLR brings to you?


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The Moment of tension

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When capturing moments it is your choice as to which moment to capture. Not all moments are created equal and to know the difference is a skill that needs to be honed.

Observing the rhythm of the scene, be it a concert, a play, a wedding or pretty much any event is key in finding that split second of tension. Watching the players with intent will help in anticipating what will come. You can look through the view finder and focus on one part of the action but you will risk losing the moments you will not see out of your line of sight. Putting the camera down on occasion to see what the entire scene looks like is a good start, as well as resisting the urge to chimp.

Leather and Nails

Feel the rhythm my friends..

Photography is seeing the reality, manipulating the variables and creating your vision.

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Photography is seeing the reality, manipulating the variables and finishing your vision.

Open your eyes, really see the world around you, see with your eyes and your soul.

Manipulate the variables, the mechanics of the camera, the variables of what you see and what you feel.

Finish your vision, the treatment (color B&W ect.), post or print.

Hide in plain site..

Follow your heart my friends ,,

Facination with faces..

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I am so fascinated with faces and the emotion that comes with the beauty of a face that at times I find myself lost in a face, just looking and taking in the subtle changes as that person talks, the history of each wrinkle and scar and the depth of the soul reflected in the eyes.

I had the pleasure yesterday to photograph a salon and the great people who work there.. During the preparation the owner of Salon 7, Jenny O was having me take a simple shot to check and see how the make up was looking in the camera. While I was taking these simple shots I found my adrenaline flow, excited at the faces in my viewfinder. As the people passed one by one I told them the same thing.. “Look into the lens and show no emotion” the results are fascinating!

I believe no emotion can be more emotion than you would expect.

Take a look and see what stories you see in these wonderful faces..

What did you see.. ?.. Love, Beauty, Lust, Pain, Pleasure, Confidence, Vulnerability.. LIFE?

Today stop for a moment and take a look at the faces that surround you and celebrate the emotion in them and perhaps the emotion in you as well..

Be alive my friends and capture what you see.. Dana A Nöllsch

Shooting Aggressively..

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The Graduate Kiley

In many situations to get the shot a photographer has no choice but to be aggressive but where do you draw the line?
Today I was shooting a graduation and my choice was to take liberties and perhaps disturb a few people in the audience. I was there to shoot just one graduate so I was able to be patient and stay back and wait for my time.

The Prime shooting location was obviously just for OFFICIAL shooters so I knew that was where I needed to be and luckily only for a few minutes. So getting close and crouching low I bided my time and luckily it all worked out. Kiley came up next in line and I moved it as if that was where I belonged pre focused and when she came up to get her diploma I was ready and got exactly what I wanted. Then as quickly as I went in I moved out quietly and all was good.

Was I being sneaky?, did I do something wrong? .. Well I was goal oriented and I did decide that what I needed to do was just what I did…. Wrong, Well no. I did enter a controlled area but I did not cause trouble and that I believe is the key.. no mater if you are official or an audience member be as invisible as you can while getting what you came to get.

I have been at events where the official photographers were in the way and very distracting. weddings are a perfect example. The photographer will get in the line of view of the audience and stay there shooting and shooting hoping that they get one photo that will work. This type of behavior is very embracing!

How I get away from this is, Find a spot out-of-the-way but very close to where you will want to shoot and get low and wait quietly observing the rhythm of the event. Pay attention and when the time is right get where you need to be and get your shots. The important thing to remember is when you get what you want, get back to your place and let the event take place without you.. YOU ARE NOT THE SHOW!

Remember to refrain from chipping. Check exposure and composition quickly and do not chimp in front of the action.

As photographers we have responsibility to do our jobs with skill.

Keep your eyes and keep your Heart open.. Namase

Looking Forward and Looking Back

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I certainly am not one that takes the time and energy to look back very often but I do find myself doing just that. With the recent changes I am (with the help of some very good friends) revamping my web site. This means looking at my recent work and choosing just what I wish to showcase. I have to say looking back has brought a smile to my face and at times my heart to skip a beat.

With a new appreciation I take the time to look back with a smile on my face!

The magic of Two People coming together for a lifetime,, Engagement Photo

Light, Shadow, Performance and Audience

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I had the pleasure of photographing a performance by Beats Antiques.. as I was enjoying the performance I noticed the show from the audience.
This photo I particularly love, the Light, the Shadow, the Performer and especially the audience.
Keep your eyes and keep your heart open to see what is around you my friends..